About CEO Daily

Who wrote this web site and why?

A good question ;-)

CEO Daily is neither an e-magazine or news-blog carried on by a company nor a private blog of a single author. It was written in February 2008 during a seminar by Prof. Dr. Arnulf Mester and Prof. Dr. Thomas Wirth. This was part of the “Junior Program of Business Administration” in Mosbach University of Cooperative Education (BA Mosbach). In this international study program, undergraduate students of 5 different countries (Germany, Singapore, Russia, Slovenia and France) were working together in intercultural teams. During our course, the students wrote 10 articles about topics concerning “Web 2.0” and related issues (web metrics, business models, culture, communities…). After the work was done and the articles were reviewed they were published in a fictious e-journal entitled … “CEO daily“!

So the reader may keep in mind that…

– the articles within CEO Daily had to be finished within a few days,
– most students had never heard about such a strange thing as “Web 2.0” before,
– it was their first writing for the web,
– the writing and collaboration tools we introduced were quite new for them.

Nevertheless, we think that the students met this challenge very well. The overall result looks quite professional and some of the articles in CEO daily are really interesting for a public audience and therefore worthy to be a part of the web. Of course the pictures and text are not free content so the usual copyright and citation rules have to be applied.

We decided to switch off comment functions for the individual articles because we cannot ensure that CEO daily is administered on a regular basis. However, the posting you are reading right here can be commented.

Feel free to do so!

Prof. Dr. Arnulf Mester
Prof. Dr. Thomas Wirth

Berufsakademie Mosbach
University of Cooperative Education
Lohrtalweg 10, D-74821 Mosbach

P.S. Questions regarding our organisation, especially the “Junior Program of Business Administration”, can be adressed to our International Office.


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  1. scottylee says:

    Cool webby! Be sure to stop by “Usability & Joy of Use! =)

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